Hear What People Are Saying About CAF Transcription, And Its Staff & Services

“Cheryl Fee takes tremendous personal pride in her work. Her services are essential to our continued growth and success. We could not be happier with her transcription services, including her communication, proofreading,attention to detail, and timely delivery of reports. CAF Medical Transcription Services is a huge asset to us and I am confident she would be an asset to any company’s operations.”

Camiar Ohadi, M.D., Director of Millennium Imaging, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Our physicians/psychologists (12) have been overwhelmingly pleased with CAF Medical Transcription Services and the quick turnaround time of reports. We found Mrs. Fee to be professional, dedicated, and committed to providing high quality transcription services. The quality and accuracy of transcription, communication, troubleshooting,turnaround times, assurance of HIPAA security, and accuracy as well as rates have all been superior. Cheryl and the transcription services she provides are an essential component to the mission and business of Northwestern Human Services, Inc. I would highly recommend CAF Medical Transcription Services and Cheryl Fee as a business associate in the area of medical transcription services.”

Gail Learn, LCSW, Northwestern Human Services, Inc., Carbondale, Honesdale, Montrose, and Stroudsburg,PA.

“I am very impressed with Cheryl’s performance as a transcriber. She is very organized, efficient, has great accuracy, and prompt turnaround time. Her attention to detail, custom tracking with reports and invoicing is designed to customer’s needs. Cheryl deserves serious consideration as a transcriber and I would highly recommend her.”

Rambod Amani Yazdi, M.D., La Verne Medical Center, La Verne, CA.

“Cheryl at CAF has been providing medical transcription services for me for the last 4 years. She has done an outstanding job in transcribing the information I provided her with from my practice which involves internal medicine and endocrine history and physical notes as well as consultation notes. Over the course of the years she has proved to be an outstanding asset for my practice. The important issues that I care for include accurate transcription of the information that I present to her, command of different medical terms and phrases, and timely as well as prompt handling of the task that is given to her. She is excellent in all of these areas and I find her honest,caring, and well informed. Without exception the reports are available to me within 24-hours and in a professional way. I highly recommend Cheryl for performing transcribing services.”

Sadiq Mandilawi, M.D., F.A.C.E., La Verne Medical Center, Internist/Endocrinologist, La Verna, California.

“CAF has provided services for Wilshire Oncology Medical Group as well as for me in my position as Chairman of the Board of Medical Oncology Association in Southern California in preparation of manuscripts and columns for my national website, healthnews.com. Cheryl has been extremely prompt in all of her dictations, and has been excellent in translating my dictations into medical transcription that is spelled correctly and has proper text. Cheryl’s services have been better than any service which I have received in the past. I recommend Cheryl without hesitation to others who require transcription services.”

Cary A. Presant, M.D., F.A.C.P., Wilshire Oncology Medical Center, West Covina, CA.

“CAF Medical Transcription Services has done a great job for me, and I am completely satisfied with their service!The turnaround time has always been less than 24 hours, and usually less than 12 hours. If I dictate in the late afternoon, the transcription has always been ready by the next morning. My transcriber has also been personable and easy to get in touch with for any concerns. For example, there is a standard way of transcribing laboratory values, such as the white blood cell count, which is transcribed as “WBC”. My own personal preference is to type it out in lower-case letters (“wbc”), and my transcriber let me know that personal preferences are easy to make happen, and allowed me to request personal preferences on many other items. Overall I have been very happy with the service, and I would recommend them to anyone!”

Samuel Chung, M.D., Wilshire Oncology Medical Center, West Covina, CA.

“Working with Cheryl Fee and my transcriptionist through CAF Medical Transcription has made a big difference in the productivity of my practice, and in my ability to get reports out to my patients in a more timely manner. CAF recognizes that health care practices are different, I have appreciated the flexibility that CAF has extended to me that best meet the needs of my practice. CAF has gone out of the way on numerous occasions to accommodate me and to keep my practice running smoothly. I would recommend CAF Medical Transcription to anyone who has medical transcription needs.”

Lee Ann Grisolano, Ph.D. Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Hershey, PA.

“As a psychiatrist in private practice, I have been extremely pleased with CAF Medical Transcription Services and the quick turnaround of reports as well as the minimal number of post transcription corrections needing to be made. I have found Ms. Fee to be professional, dedicated and committed to providing high quality transcription services. She and her staff have been readily available, polite, and courteous in all and any necessary transactions that I have initiated. The quality and accuracy of transcription, communication, troubleshooting, turnaround times, assurance of HIPAA security, and accuracy as well as rates have all been very acceptable, if not superior. I can, without reservation, recommend CAF Medical Transcription Services and Cheryl Fee as a business associate in the area of medical transcription services.”

Eugene Jennings M.D. Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology.

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend CAF. I have known Cheryl Fee for approximately three years. CAF has displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and care for her work as a transcriptionist. Cheryl has been excellent in making herself available when we need her the most. Our organization finds CAF to be very reliable and trustworthy. Their job is always thorough and done in a timely fashion. In fact, CAF is the most reliable and trustworthy medical transcriptionist that I have personally been involved with in my career. CAF’s work is top-notch and is always done on time and the reports are sent out immediately. I had the pleasure in meeting Cheryl Fee and found her to be very trustworthy and have a beautiful smile and a beautiful spirit. She has been a tremendous help to our organization. Cheryl is very dependable as a worker, always answers the phone calls in a very timely manner. In addition, she has kept in close contact with my office with weekly communication and has an excellent rapport with the office-working girls. It is with great pleasure and unyielding satisfaction that I recommend CAF without reservation. CAF has proven their abilities in doing an amazing job for our organization.”

Robert Habbestad, M.D., Diplomate American Board of Otolaryngology, Ear, Nose and Throat, Facial Plastic,Head and Neck Surgery, Montclair, CA.