Our Technology

We utilize a simple, user-friendly digital dictation system. Free local phone numbers/access codes are provided to each client so dial-in contact is efficient and easy.  Dictation is communicated via a landline telephone, or smart phone, and the information is uploaded through a secure digital dictation system.

A second option for dictation is the digital recorder.  This option allows the physician to dictate at a convenient time and upload the dictation, via computer, to CAF Medical Transcription Services’ FTP site or an assigned Dropbox folder.

Also available is Pocket Dictate software, a voice recorder for iPhone or any palm-sized window CE device. This software is free and available through the NCH Software website.  You can dictate directly on your device using the playback, rewind, insert or overwrite controls on your phone. When dictation is complete, simply tap and send the dictation; it will be compressed and sent to CAF Medical Transcription Services for typing.  This software takes the place of a digital recorder and allows the same reliable day-to-day dictations to be done via the Internet.

CAF Medical Transcription Services is compatible with most Electronic Medical Record (EMR) programs.  With direct access to your EMR system, CAF Medical Transcription Services can transcribe or edit your dictations directly into your EMR software.