The CAF Service Mission

Provide professional, prompt and high-quality documentation that will support every client in meeting their business goals in a timely and efficient manner. Our primary objective is to make sure each client’s office operates easier, more efficiently and worry-free, allowing more focus on patients. Our goal is to meet each client’s objectives in every transaction through team-oriented and continuous improvement actions in the way we communicate, listen and attend to accuracy and professional details.

Cheryl Fee, who leads the CAF staff, has provided professional Medical Transcription services to doctors for eight years. She is a graduate from Career Steps Medical Technology School, and started CAF Medical Transcription Services, in response to a growing need by doctors for independent contract services. CAF offices are located in Dallas, Ariel, PA.

She has proven knowledge and experience in speed typing, Radiology, Neurology, Rheumatology, Orthopedics, Surgery, Pain Specialist, General, Pulmonary, Plastic Surgery, Pathology, Physical Therapy, Psychiatry, and Critical Care (i.e., operative reports, discharge summaries, etc.), Cardiology, OB-GYN, and Oncology.

CAF will provide prompt turnaround service of approximately 12-24 hours, or faster if requested. A very user-friendly digital dictation system is used. Local phone numbers/access codes are provided to each client so dial-in contact is efficient and easy. Dictation is communicated via the telephone and the information is uploaded through the digital dictation system. The report/letter will then be typed and returned either through e-mail or the CAF secured FTP site in the time requested. CAF is HIPAA compliant and has the appropriate and required liability insurance. A complementary trial period is available to every new client.

Key advantages to outsource work with an independent contractor are:

  • No employee medical, vacation/ sick time, or other benefits to be paid.
  • No concerns about employee absenteeism
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed
  • Work is guaranteed within the specified turnaround time.
  • Discounted rate applied for more than one doctor in facility.
  • New client discounts available

Proud Member of the AHDI (2000-Present)