Hear What People Are Saying About CAF Transcription, And Its Staff & Services

It is my pleasure and honor to recommend Ms. Cheryl Fee from CAF Transcription Services. I have personally known her for more than 3 years, in my capacity as a Health Information Management Director at West Covina Medical Center. We have work very closed when it comes to providing the best transcription service in our hospital. Ms. Cheryl has been very professional, very polite and treats everyone with respect. Her exceptional skills make her one of a kind and this makes her a powerful asset for any job. Ms. Cheryl is an individual that likes to finish everything on time, as soon as a report is dictated, she transcribes it within 15-20 minutes. Ms. Cheryl goes above and beyond to help others in our hospital. Ms. Cheryl has been an enthusiastic leader has always maintained her professionalism with patience and an ability to explain and demonstrate strategy clearly. Ms. Cheryl would be an excellent asset for any organization. I can confidently recommend her for any position, she will become an invaluable addition to your company. Please do not hesitate to contact me at the information provided below for any further information.

Jessica Leon

RHIT, CCS., HIM Director/Certified Coder, West Covina Medical Center

It is with great pleasure that I recommend CAF. I have known Cheryl Fee for approximately three years. CAF has displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and care for her work as a transcriptionist. Cheryl has been excellent in making herself available when we need her the most. Our organization finds CAF to be very reliable and trustworthy. Their job is always thorough and done in a timely fashion. In fact, CAF is the most reliable and trustworthy medical transcriptionist that I have personally been involved with in my career. CAF’s work is top-notch and is always done on time and the reports are sent out immediately. I had the pleasure in meeting Cheryl Fee and found her to be very trustworthy and have a beautiful smile and a beautiful spirit. She has been a tremendous help to our organization. Cheryl is very dependable as a worker, always answers the phone calls in a very timely manner. In addition, she has kept in close contact with my office with weekly communication and has an excellent rapport with the office-working girls. It is with great pleasure and unyielding satisfaction that I recommend CAF without reservation. CAF has proven their abilities in doing an amazing job for our organization.

Robert Habbestad

M.D., Diplomate American Board of Otolaryngology, Ear, Nose and Throat, Facial Plastic, Head and Neck Surgery, Montclair, CA.

As a psychiatrist in private practice, I have been extremely pleased with CAF Medical Transcription Services and the quick turnaround of reports as well as the minimal number of post transcription corrections needing to be made. I have found Ms. Fee to be professional, dedicated and committed to providing high quality transcription services. She and her staff have been readily available, polite, and courteous in all and any necessary transactions that I have initiated. The quality and accuracy of transcription, communication, troubleshooting, turnaround times, assurance of HIPAA security, and accuracy as well as rates have all been very acceptable, if not superior. I can, without reservation, recommend CAF Medical Transcription Services and Cheryl Fee as a business associate in the area of medical transcription services.

Eugene Jennings

M.D. Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology

I am very impressed with Cheryl’s performance as a transcriber. She is very organized, efficient, has great accuracy, and prompt turnaround time. Her attention to detail, custom tracking with reports and invoicing is designed to customer’s needs. Cheryl deserves serious consideration as a transcriber and I would highly recommend her.

Rambod Amani Yazdi

M.D., Endocrinologist, San Dimas, CA.

I have been using CAF Medical Services and they have provided me with superb quality over the past many years. I would like to introduce this service to you if it would be of benefit to your medical practice. I practice in Pain Management and Sports Medicine and use her services on a regular basis. I dictate office notes, banking information, and personal notes (both corporate and individual). CAF’s rates are extremely competitive, and her turn-around time is exceptional. For example, I do dictations in the morning and I usually have them back by noon or 1:00 p.m. the same day. The letters and medical notes are accurate and dictated to equal authentication of the author. CAF not only transcribes what is dictated they also ensure appropriate grammar and punctuation is used as needed to equal proper documentation. I assure you this service will aid you and be an asset to your business. It might be noted that the call-in number is local to your area and is customized to your local area as this will reduce your phone bills. CAF is available daily and I never have any problems with receiving my documentation back and it is always back long before me needing it. I highly recommend CAF Medical Transcription Services and would so be available for any questions anyone has regarding their services.

Martin J. Porcelli

D.O.,PhD., M.H.P.E., F.A.A.I.M., F.A.C.O.F.P.

I have been using CAF Medical Transcription Services since 2013. I am very satisfied and pleased with all of the work Cheryl Fee and her staff have done and continue to do for me. They go above and beyond what is expected in a transcription service. I started using the service in 2013 after it became mandatory to use EMR. I was clueless. Cheryl was in California at the time to meet with my supervising physician and while she was here she helped us set up our EMR system and customized it to meet our needs! She even gave us training on the system! In 2019 our office again changed EMR systems and once again Cheryl came to the rescue and arrived in California to train us. I cannot say enough about the services CAF provides. The turn-around time is outstanding, and my progress notes are usually transcribed the same day, error-free and just how I want them. Cheryl and her staff are knowledgeable in medical terminology and ICD 10 coding which is a big advantage over other companies. Cheryl and her staff are detail-oriented and will bring to my attention anything questionable before making any changes. The fees are reasonable compared to other companies and it is well worth the money, a great value with a personal touch that is hard to find anywhere else where you are “just a number.” I would recommend CAF Medical Transcription Services to any office, large or small.

Sandra Kochaon

PA Internal Medicine, Greater Valley Physicians Medical Group

Cheryl Fee has been my Medical Transcriptionist for the last eight years transcribing my Internal Medicine Notes into our EMR system. She is very hardworking and efficient and always documents my reports in a very professional manner. She always makes herself available no matter what time of day for me or my staff. She works extremely well with my staff not only in my personal practice but also with West Covina Medical Center where I see my hospital patients. Cheryl is very punctual and does not every hesitate to go above and beyond her job duties as a Medical Transcriptionist. Cheryl saves me and my staff a tremendous amount of time of documentation so I can spend that time with my patients. “My medical records have never looked so professionally documented.” I highly recommend Cheryl and the rest of CAF Medical Transcription Services for your medical documentation. You will not be disappointed.

Lakshman Makandura, M.D.

Greater Valley Medical Group, West Covina, CA and Hacienda Heights, California

I have had the pleasure of working with CAF Medical transcription Services for several years now and have been very satisfied with the quality of work they are producing for our Radiology department. The transition to this company was without issue and things have nerver run so smoothly.  In the more than four decades that I wave been in Radiology, this company has given us the best service. The company is not just someone you dictate to but also someone you can text or call when you need that extra help.  I highly recommend CAF for your dictation services as you will not be disappointed in the quality of work and service you receive. As I work in a hospital setting, the turn-around time on the radiology reports is extremely important and the accuracy and turn-around time are exceptional. There are never any worries and wondering when our reports are going to be done or turned around as they are promptly returned prior to our turn-around time. Another outstanding quality and point to be mentioned about CAF is that the work is not only transcribed verbatim to what is dictated, they are very conscientious about notifying me of any discrepancies in the report so that it is not signed that way. This is a huge asset to have as not all transcription companies offer this and mainly type what is dictated and left to be signed. If you have any questions I would be gladly to answer them and put your mind at ease.

Beth Hiser

Radiology Manager @ West Covina Medical Center, West Covina, CA

Cheryl Fee has been transcribing for my pulmonary practice for the past 3 years which includes consultations, progress notes, and other types of medical documentations. She is an excellent medical transcriptionist and am extremely happy with the work she does. Cheryl works extremely well with my staff and always makes herself available to us. Her turn-around time is excellent and never have to worry where it is. I highly recommend Cheryl and her staff for your medical transcription services. I know she will do an outstanding job for you.

Joel Arroyo, M.D.

Pulmonologist in Los Angeles, CA.