Cheryl Fee
Owner & Founder

Cheryl is a graduate of Career Steps Medical Technology School and the driving force in accuracy for the organization. Located in the small town of Dallas, Pennsylvania her ambitions are quite large as she has been successful in providing nationwide Medical Transcription Services to doctors via independent contract services.

Cheryl utilizes her proven knowledge and vast amounts of experience with speed typing, and the various medical industries served by CAF to manage the organization and maximize her client’s expectations.

Medical Transcriptionist

Stephanie has been a medical transcriptionist for the last five years. She specializes in surgeries, discharge summaries, Internal Medicine, progress notes and H&Ps along with mental health. Stephanie is very diligent and precise in her work and never misses a deadline.

Kris Ann Blaine
Medical Transcriptionist

Kris is the team’s mental health/psychiatric specialist. Honing her medical transcription skills through 25+ years of experience, with 17 years in a mental health office and three years in a physical therapy setting, Kris strives to give her clients the ability to focus on clients while she takes care of the paperwork.

Kim A. Wallis
Medical Transcriptionist

An Honors graduate from Career Step’s Medical Transcription program in 2010, Kim specializes in ENT, Radiology and Podiatry.