How it Works

We like to start the conversation with a Teleconference with new clients.  Call us a little old-fashioned but when it comes to an important part of your business we believe that there is no replacement for a face-to-face.  Usually lasting 15-20 minutes, this gives us an opportunity to learn who are customers are and what their expectations are, while making sure you clearly and effectively have your concerns addressed.  When you sign with us, we become a team.  This lets us meet your new staff.

In this age of technology, we place the utmost concern of security.  CAF is HIPAA compliant and has appropriated all required liability insurance.

Through our trouble-free digital dictation system, we are able to provide free phone numbers/access codes to our clients.  Dictation is communicated through the phone and secured digitally.  For those who prefer not to use the phone, if you have a digital recorder you use we can get you set up in DropBox where you can automatically load your dictations when you want to CAF’s secure cloud or Dropbox folder. The digital dictation system is very user friendly and simple to use and provides prompts to you prior to starting your dictation.  An author ID number will be provided to you in order to access the system and begin dictating.  If your medical documents are straight typed they will be uploaded through a secure folder that can only be accessed by CAF and your staff for retrieval of your documents.

We are compatible with most Electronic Medical Record (EMR) programs.  Given direct access to your EMR system, we offer direct transcription into your EMR software.

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  • We like to start the conversation with a 15-20 minute Teleconference with new clients
  • CAF is HIPPA compliant and  has appropriated all required liability insurance
  • We are compatible with most Electric Medical Record (EMR) programs